Ontario Putting More Repeat Violent Offenders Behind Bars in the Region of Durham

Province giving Durham Regional Police Service more resources to monitor and enforce bail conditions

NEWSJanuary 11, 2024

DURHAM — The Ontario government is providing $2.4 million to the Durham Regional Police and Toronto Police Services to help prevent repeat and violent offenders from committing serious crimes while out on bail. The funding is part of the province’s plan to help protect communities, support victims of crime and keep people safe.

“This partnership between the Durham Regional Police and other Provincial Policing Services is a step forward in safeguarding the public,” said Lorne Coe, MPP for Whitby and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier. “We must reassess and strengthen the framework of bail reform, ensuring that it serves not only as a means of upholding individual rights but also as a robust safeguard for the well-being of our communities.” 

Through the Bail Compliance and Warrant Apprehension (BCWA) Grant program, the government is investing $24 million across the province to help establish dedicated bail compliance and/or warrant apprehension teams to monitor high-risk individuals. The funding is being delivered over three years and will also support new technology for a province-wide bail compliance monitoring system.

“It is unacceptable that repeat and violent offenders are committing serious crimes while out on bail,” said Solicitor General Michael Kerzner. “By giving police the tools, they need to track and arrest offenders who violate their bail conditions, our government is helping to ensure Ontario is one of the safest jurisdictions in Canada.”

The BCWA Grant is part of a $112 million investment to strengthen the province’s bail system and ensure repeat and violent offenders comply with their bail and court-ordered conditions. Other initiatives include:

  • The creation of a Bail Compliance Unit within the OPP’s Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) Squad
  • The establishment of Intensive Serious Violent Crime Bail Teams within the court system
  • A new province-wide bail compliance dashboard to help monitor high-risk offenders with the most accurate data possible

“We are proud of the work we have done in collaboration with Toronto on the bail dashboard and appreciate the Provincial investments to expand it and bail compliance initiatives across Ontario. The sustained success of the dashboard will come from the continued support and investments to deliver and grow this important community safety program.”

  • Chief Peter Moreira, Durham Regional Police Service

The BCWA Grant program will support 17 municipal police services, four First Nations police services and 12 Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) services.